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Seniors UK Tour

18 Aug 2008

SA Seniors in the UKAt the beginning of August, the South African Senior Amateur Golf Association sent a team of ten players to UK, to play an International against the UK Senior Amateur Golf Association, and to participate in the British Senior Amateur Championships.

International Match
Broome Park Golf & Country Club
Saturday 2 August

The International match was played at the American owned Broome Park, situated halfway between Canterbury and Dover, in Kent. The Estate used to belong to Lord Kitchener, and his house, a mansion of some 40 rooms, was his home for the final 5 years of his life. Great oil paintings, depicting his activities in Egypt and Sudan adorn the walls.

The golf course was constructed in the grounds of the house, and South Africa's Tienie Britz has been the teaching professional there for the past 22 years.

The weather was poor, with incessant rain and wind in the latter half of the morning foursomes, and the South African's battled in the conditions, so much so that, at lunch, the UK team held a 4 ½ to ½ advantage.

The afternoon conditions were a little better, and the team rallied to take the singles 7 to 3, to square the overall result. See attached sheet for complete results.

            United Kingdom                                            South Africa

                                Points      Score       Points 
   Mike Duley             1          2 holes          0              Denis Jones
      Phil Corke                                                                Ian Moncur
2    Neil Franklin          ½             AS             ½               Jonathan Hobday
      Reg Neal                                                                  Herman September
3    Humphrey Hobday 1            4/3             0               Hennie Heyns
      Alan MacNaught                                                      Anton Vortsman
4    Robert Gill              1          1 hole           0              Ivan Palframan
      Bob Walker                                                             Tim Hewan
5    Ian Mason             1             4/3             0              Jock Wellington
      Howard Moxon                                                       Terry Knight
                                 4½                           ½        

1    Mike Duley            0          2 holes         1                Denis Jones
2    Reg Neal               0             4/3            1                Terry Knight
3    Neil Franklin          1           1 hole          0                Tim Hewan
4    Phil Corke             1           1 hole          0                Jonathan Hobday
5    Alan MacNaught    0             3/1            1                Hennie Heyns
6    Humphrey Hobday0           1 hole          1                Ian Moncur
7    Robert Gill             1             2/1            0                Herman September
8    Bob Walker           0             2/1            1                Ivan Palframan
9    Ian Mason             0          1 hole          1                Anton Vortsman
10  Howard Moxon      0             4/2            1               Jock Wellington
                                   3                              7         

Match Result:            7½                           7½

The Senior Amateur Open Championships
Royal Cinque Ports and Princes Golf Clubs - Deal and Sandwich
Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 August 2008

Strong winds and at times rain squalls greeted the competitors for the Senior Open Amateur Championships the following week. The event, attracting the top Senior Amateur golfers from around the world was played over two courses in the Deal/Sandwich area. Players each played one round over Royal Cinque Ports and Princes Golf Club, and then the top 60 players and ties from the field of over 200 contested the final round at Royal Cinque Ports.

Three of the SA Team made it though to the final round, Jock Wellington on 153, Tim Hewan on 154 and Herman September on 155. Ivan Palframan and Anton Vortsman narrowly missed the "cut" which was on 156 - one of the highest of recent times and an indication as to the testing conditions.

The wind blew hard from totally the opposite direction in the final day, and for about an hour or more of play, the golfers had to deal with horizontal rain at time.
Jock Wellington and Tim Hewan each scored 80 and Herman September 78.

Final South African scores:
Herman September     80, 75, 78        233        T35th
Jock Wellington           75, 78, 80        233        T35th
Tim Hewan                  80, 74, 80        234        T42nd

Missed the final round cut of 156
Anton Vortsman     80, 77     157
Ivan Palframan      75, 82     157
Terry Knight           80, 80     160
Hennie Heyns        77, 83     160
Denis Jones           84,77      161
Jonathan Hobday  81, 80     161
Ian Moncur            80, 83     163
Humphrey Hobday 82, 86     168

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