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Nomads sponsorship enhances TuksGolf coaching

16 Oct 2015

Zanele Mazibuko (Student TuksGolf Academy), Gary Rodwell (National Chairman of the Nomads), Toby Sutcliffe (CEO of the HPC), Billy Bekker (captain of the Northern Nomads) and Shane Granger (Student Tuks Golf Academy).

If the accuracy among the players of TuksGolf Academy should greatly improve in the foreseeable future, it will undoubtedly be courtesy of an innovative donation from Northern Nomads.

It is no secret that a golfer who wants to compete at the highest level needs to consistently play shots with great accuracy and to accomplish this, there is no better way than using the FlightScope technology.

“The generous sponsorship from Northern Nomads will enable us to make incorporate FlightScope as part of our advanced coaching services,” said TuksGolf Academy senior elite coach Emile Steinmann.

“FlightScope is a great tool for calibrating the clubs used by players.

“It enables us to work out exactly how far each player is able to hit with each of his clubs and it is a wonderful teaching aid, because it helps the golf coach to make factual decisions regarding improvements in the athlete’s technique.  

“The long and the short of it is that it eliminates the guesswork in coaching.  FlightScope breaks it down to every number we as coaches could wish for. With this technology we are able to help improve the game of players at all levels.”

Emile Roux from Northern Nomads hopes that the initial support given to the TuksGolf Academy will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship.

“One of the main reasons for our decision to support the TuksGolf Academy is that, by providing a service that will benefit golf, we hope to promote, foster and support the game of golf in Southern Africa,” Roux said.  

“We also hope that, through our involvement with TuksGolf, we will encourage players to join the Nomads and also become involved in our various charitable causes.”

The Nomads has provided live scoring to the Sunshine Tour for over five decades and are without doubt the longest serving members of the Southern African Golf Tour family.

National chairman Gary Rodwell has an exciting project in the pipeline which could be of huge benefit to the young golf players of the TuksSport High School, as well as to students at the University of Pretoria.

“With the permission of the Sunshine Tour, we would like to invite young amateur players to work with us when we do the scoring at various tournaments,” Rodwell said.

“It will give them the opportunity to get up close to the players during a tournament and give young players a definite idea of what it takes to become a successful professional. 

“They will be able to see the interaction between a player and his caddy, as well as the way in which different players react to pressure.

“The experience will help them to form an idea of what it takes to be successful.”

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