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Participating Tournaments

The Participating Tournaments Page reflects all the tournaments that have been taken into account for the rankings and averages of players. Tournaments shown in shades of yellow participated in both the Stroke Averages as well as the Player Rankings which is calculated using the Aged Points Performances system. Tournaments shown in shades of blue participated in the Player Rankings only.

Please note that in order to be considered for national selection a player must participate in at least two coastal tournaments and two inland tournaments. Participation in at least one of the SA Amateur or the Cape Province Open or the Northern Open is also required.

While the ranking of a player is an indication of his playing strength other factors are also considered when national teams and/or representatives are selected.

Clicking on the name of a tournament will display the top fifteen players in the tournament.

Introducing GolfRSA

The South African Golf Association and Womens Golf South Africa have joined forces to form GolfRSA, a new unified company that will professionally administer the commercial interests and golf operations of amateur golf in South Africa.

Look out for the new GolfRSA website coming soon.

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