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Aged Points Performances Ranking System

This system was designed to replace a ranking system that depended on Stroke Averages only. It was designed to encourage players to play as often as possible in the Participating Tournaments. While stroke average tends to encourage players to avoid tournaments played over difficult courses the Player Rankings can only reward players playing in as many tournaments as possible. Less active players will be negatively affected if they have played in less than the minimum tournaments (20). Furthermore Golf Unions will also be encouraged to promote their tournaments in order to have as strong as possible a tournament. The specifications are as follows:

a) Determine the strength of a tournament

The players in a tournament are interrogated to establish the relative playing strength for the tournament. Players currently in the top 60 players contribute to the total value for the tournament through the formula (60 + 1) - Current Rating Position. This total is divided by the maximum possible for the tournament i.e. ((60 + 1) / 2) * 60. If this fraction is equal to or more than 0.7 the tournament is considered a 100 percent tournament. If this fraction is below 0.7, the tournament is given a percentage strength equivalent to (Calculated Fraction / 0.7). If the percentage strength is below 20, it is raised to 20. At this stage a three round tournament is decreased to 87.5 percent of the tournament strength while a two round tournament is decreased to 75 percent of the tournament strength.

b) Determine the points available for distribution

Initially there are 1275 points available for distribution amongst the top 50 players in every tournament. This number is upped by 20 percent for the SA Amateur and by 10 percent for the Cape Province Open and the Northern Open. Finally the points pool for the tournament is established by multiplying with the percentage calculated in a) above.

c) Distribution of points to the top 50 players

Every player in the top 50 is now allocated a percentage of the available points pool. From 14 percent for first, 10.8 percent for second and 8.4 percent for third right down to 0.155 percent for 50th position.

d) Determine the current rating position

When calculating the current ratings, the points received by a player is aged by subtracting 4 percent for every 1 month the tournament is old. The 20 highest current values of a player's performances are then totalled and divided by 20 to establish the average points for the player. If a player has less than 20 tournaments his total is still divided by 20 thus creating an inertia until such time 20 tournaments has been played.

Please note that in order to be considered for national selection a player must participate in at least two coastal tournaments and two inland tournaments. Participation in at least one of the SA Amateur or the Cape Province Open or the Northern Open is also required.

While the ranking of a player is an indication of his playing strength, other factors are also considered when national teams and/or representatives are selected.

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